July 31, 2010

shud do FANFIC O' ONE SHOT ????

arhh..killer !!!! >______________<
I must do either both fics .. nhe.. I'm goin micheoooo (O___o)
nie suma plan EDNA laaaa.. aiguu..
it's summer bash special.. that's why.. I've to do either fanfics or one-shot which it's reffering to the "lifeguard" request.shiizz ~ U_U
she's really want me to do it.. arh.. but she didn't know who am I . . ?
weheheeee... BRAINSTROMING time again...MATTTAAAAIII !! X_____x

It's hard to believe

it's hard to believe to feel the LOVE. .
it's hard to believe to get the LOVE . .
it's hard to believe to know what is LOVE . .

LOVE is Giving someone the POWER to BREAK your HEART
and...TRUSTING 'em not too ~

we can go EASILY to FALL in LOVE but it's HARDLY to forget ~
and it's SUCKS if and only if . .  you've got DUMPED by your crush or your love ONE ~