June 20, 2010

Random ARTWORK of Mine :)

Minnie's skecthes by me :)
*I'm FAIL in coloring... TT^TT

Super Junior 4jib BONAMANA skecthes ... 

I'm so fail.. my hand sucks ! TT^TT

Ain't go HAPPY again

Daaang. what the hell....?? wut happen thesedays really..??
actually... I'm not not that HAPPY today...
Feels like I wanna DIE right now.... Just b'cuz of I LOVE them SO BAD !!
Super Junior... is my SAVIOR... I can't LIVE without THEM...
I'm an ELF yeah.. EVERLASTINGFRIENDS... !! IDK since when I OBSESSED myself about 'em...
I really LOVE'em to DEATH... IDK but, I wanna help'em .. and I can't... !!
just b'cuz I'm not from a fancy family.. just an ordinary family...
only plenty things that I can get.. except *this..
what is *this...?? *this? what is thaaaaat..?? O_____o
huh.. I can't tell.. I think Imma just a stupid p'son... TT^TT

----I've so much reading an article regarding about 'em...
either happy or sad... good or bad.. sweet or bitter whatsoever.... !!
I heart can't stop pounding.. just b'cuz I LOVE 'em so MUCH !!
and I said it again.. SUPER JUNIOR IS MY SAVIOR...
they're my inspiration... they're my motivation..  I think w/o 'em my life would be ruined..
thanks to 'em...  I can change myself from "zero to hero"...!!

----actually I wanna support 'em no matter else what happen... hajiman, MONEY is everything rite now.. even MONEY always didn't solve EVERYTHING.. !
I wish I can go to Seoul right now... I wanna meet'em.... TT^TT

----Super Show 3 .. will be held at the early of 2011 ... at Malaysia I guess... wish I can go.. 'cuz the recent SS2, I can't go.. just b'cuz my PARENTS never let me go anywhere... TT^TT
I really wanna go there to DEATH !! DXXXX<
I wish a MIRACLE would happen to me... I wish my DREAMS *about SJ* will be TRUE !!

---- I ain't HAPPY anymore 'cuz I afraid to LOOSE 'em.. SUPER JUNIOR.. !! TT-TT

June 12, 2010

My Current Siggy at SJ-World and enchanteDNA

My siggy.. or shud I say.. my signature / banner
at SJ-World.net and enchnateDNA.com
*both fansite that I'm active for.. :)



*both siggy are made by me.. :)

UPDATE !! @current SJW siggy.. ~ it's KyuMin <3

------ Who am I..------

☞ Stubborn Girl :P
☞ Sometimes selfish ><"
☞ Love Super Junior A lot !!
☞ Calling myself as SUNGMIN's WIFEY and KYUMIN's SHIPPER ^^
☞ Undergo in LOVE... DaeGukNamAh !!
☞ and consider myself as Injoon's Wifey and KarJayJoon's Shipper ^^
 * looks like Imma betrayer of Minne.. ouh Oppa.. I'm JK ! XD
☞ Love nagging when something wrong happen LOL
Kiddo in reality but "Mature" minded.. wahaha pabo ! =_=;
☞ Imma noona/unnie for my both pabo siblings.. ^^ Imma LEADER!! XD
☞ Imma MAGNAE in myFRIENDS heart.. :P
☞ Loves BLACK a LOT !! and bit ORANGE, WHITE and SAPPHIRE BLUE !! *Pink..?? I'm so not into it.. sorry yeobo.. XP
☞ Current candy to my ears..?? ; My all is in you , In My Dreams , Bonamana , Shining World ...
☞ never HATES other kpop groups.. never say never.. but.. have dislikes.. ><"

ouh that's all I think atm.. ^^

Cheer Up Oppa .. ^^

everyday and everynight I always thinking of you..
I'm worried to death about you this lately.. SungMin oppa.. what happened to u nowadays..?
I don't wanna think deeply about this but, My MIND force me to think of your problemo...
Oppa.. I wish I can "ask" you  what's wrong with you.. even I'm an "EMO" .. it doesn't mean I'm always be "EMO" in 24/7 ... oppa.. pls cheer up..
you're the first man that I'm always worried to death.. b'cuz Imma your bias.. I like . love . support U and the rest of Sj members..
Oppa.. I really wish you can read this.. even I'm not good in confessions, I really want to tell ya.. that ELF will always LOVE ya.. support ya.. and even all rest SJ family...^^
Please be HAPPY oppa.. If it's true taht You have a fight with Kyu Oppa of somethin'... pls, solve it asap... ^^ or are you wanna US to give a hand..?? LOL

ouhkay then.. I think that's all for this.. 
atlast but not least... 오빠. . . . 사랑해 영원토록 ... <3