May 29, 2011

what in the WORLD ?

OwhMaiiiGAWD !!! pehal sekarang nii yaa..? sejak kebelakangan nih DEA semakin pelik... tetiba DEA pggl aq dgn gelaran yg x sepatutnya.... so FREAKIN weirdoo ouhkeey.. hoh.. bengang.. bengang... what in the world eh.. what in theeee world nawww... nyan nyan nyaaaa nyan ~
Aq mac igt last week dea ada survey ngan aq sumthink.. feels like DEA nk aq bg feedback sal life DEA...well I guess so...and HELLA... I tell himeverythink..that I dun want... and I want...lmao.. I mean the truth about de relationship that he brought with me.. teheee..lmaooooo... ._.
But, bitchy... Man Man Ha Niiiiii.... I will not be like my previous 4Q life... lolz.. hahha that was stupid.. I mean I wanna be rude this time,,, ngeee..I wonder what would happen next....

and I can believe that it been..... 4-5 month since we have been together... wow...this is the longest relationship that I've been thought of hohoooo... but puhhhleaseeeee... ManmanHANI... T.T xmooo lagi pisang berbuah SAJYUTA kali... ngeeee.. ~ :D

ouhkay back to topic, I'd never think..he'll go this far...cuz he lways tease me like biatch... treating me like a the public... he treat me like like NO ONE EVER KNEW 'who are us' . . .but when we 'met' lmao.. he changed.. aiyaaaaaa... but it's great if we kept our relationship... tapi tuuu too much BUTTHURT... wellyeah... PEOPLE WILL MAY NOT BELIEVE IT .. IF THEY GET KNOW THAT WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER IN  LONG TIME.. omogosssh... what would happen next...???

May 25, 2011


Well, result da kuar...and me oredy checked mine.. Hurmm idk what to say but..mine was pass !!!! Eventhou not wif flying color. Hell no.. I may not get in the DEAN fuckin sad bodooo..xthu mo drscbe on how my feeling was.... I'm HAPPY ! I'M FUCKIN FRUSTATED N SAAAAAD !! Well he's got on dean list..kimak jlez ngan ny tok ! Rite now me mls nk nga result blt! ChibaAAi ! Me kmpunan dekan doe...uurrrgh.. Mo nanez bhaaa huuuuuuu..sumone pls be my crying shoulder now !!!!!!! :'(

May 19, 2011


Hurmm... rsa tkilan ouh. :( Aq betul2x benci bila aq kna COMPARE dgn CUZZIE. Bkn kna compare sgt tp...SEDIH laaa... mentang2x rmi cuzzie aq yg success....Dorg dpt msuk IPG. Aq just msuk UiTM jk.. :( DIPLOMA jk.... dorg da dlm ijazah sd tuu.. ya laaa.. sapa la aq nhe.. TERKILAN GILA OINK OINK nhe skg. Even mama aq da bg COURAGE dgn aq psal tuu. Tpi ati aq btul2x terGURIS ouh... huuuuuuuuuk ! :'(
Aq cuma INSAN biasa yang tiadanya MINDA LUAR BIASA. Hidup aq penuh PANCAROBA. Araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !! aq bengang sekarang.. SEDIH... I NEED SUMONE to TALK !! LEAN on THEIR SHOULDER.... CRYIN SHOULDER... plssss.. nawwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!! :'(

May 11, 2011


Today I pranked my FACEBOOK friends. Well it was bit FUN but FREAKIN' SAD about it. Huh..I can't believe it my FRIEND did FORGET my bornday except my NEW FRIENDS (UiTM friends + classmates + BESTIE) I understand their situation, I don't care if they don't know my EXACT bday lmao :) at this moment.But next time, if they DIDN'T REALIZE WHAT THE HECK MY BDAY IS EARLIER THAN WHAT I TOLD'EM BEFORE.... I don't what to say but.. it MIGHT be FRIGGIN saaaaad.. how can they forget it.. lmao.. just now, my OLDIE FRIENDS from secondary scholl and blablabla DID FORGET MY ACTUAL BIRTHDATE yet they wish my BD full of LOVE . *and HELL YEAH there was my exbestie wishing me happy bday ..lololololololo WTF ! If she's my REAL bestie , she'll mention something fishy lmao. Yahh.. forget about.. I don't care... ahahha A TRUE BESTIE can EVER be a BESTIE. so that is the deal and I'm off.... :)

p/s : My REAL BIRTHDATE is 27th NOVEMBER 1992

May 09, 2011


heyaa bloggie.. !!
Guess where am I rite now..?? kekekeke I'm at my HOMIE doue !! XDDDD
it's been almost a week since I left Uitm... lmao :3 well.. it's semester break.. duuhhh... -_-
I will back to Uitm this 3rd of June.. aaaaa.. I don't wanna go BACK thereeeee...!!! DX<
But I miss him fo sho' rite now... eventhou he's sooooo PABO ! XD IDK but.. I really miss him.... HOPE I don't fall-in-LOVE with him more and know what, It's weird when he wanna be with me but he's already taken... and he knew that I know he's oredy taken.. and I always ask about her FUTURE FYONCE.
Haha.. it might sounds crazy but, fells like I'ma doll for him... well yeah, he DON'T WANNA SHOW our relationship with others..DUUUH> wthefishhh.. >++D
I shud don't mind about it again... just ENJOY the GAME.. the LOVE GAME.. kekekeke

ouh btw... I wanna meet my OPPA.... Ojai Oppa.. lolz...He said he wanna meet me when I back to Sdkn.. and he'll back to here also...lolz... I've been waiting the moment for ages.. grrrr.. well PASSIONATE is the key.. So I will look fwd for it nhe.. :3
Well, rite now, I feels like my KOREAN LESSON was SUCK ! Mianhae... just bcuz I haven't  learnt it PROPERLY due to busy with assignment and blablablaaaaa... and HELL YEAH... I miss my FAIL FAMILY/FRIEND at sooooo soooooo soooo bad... >.< wish I can pay my visit there... HOPE SO... HOPEEEE.. SOOOOOO

Yaaaa !! SUPER JUNIOR WILL MAKE THEIR COMEBACK THIS JUNE...wohooo.. !! can't wait for it... I wonder what is their CONCEPT........... :3
I will look forward for it LIAO ~ XD

ouhkay.. gtg.. will post more here often soon... *hope so* :D
chalgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... ~ XD