May 11, 2011


Today I pranked my FACEBOOK friends. Well it was bit FUN but FREAKIN' SAD about it. Huh..I can't believe it my FRIEND did FORGET my bornday except my NEW FRIENDS (UiTM friends + classmates + BESTIE) I understand their situation, I don't care if they don't know my EXACT bday lmao :) at this moment.But next time, if they DIDN'T REALIZE WHAT THE HECK MY BDAY IS EARLIER THAN WHAT I TOLD'EM BEFORE.... I don't what to say but.. it MIGHT be FRIGGIN saaaaad.. how can they forget it.. lmao.. just now, my OLDIE FRIENDS from secondary scholl and blablabla DID FORGET MY ACTUAL BIRTHDATE yet they wish my BD full of LOVE . *and HELL YEAH there was my exbestie wishing me happy bday ..lololololololo WTF ! If she's my REAL bestie , she'll mention something fishy lmao. Yahh.. forget about.. I don't care... ahahha A TRUE BESTIE can EVER be a BESTIE. so that is the deal and I'm off.... :)

p/s : My REAL BIRTHDATE is 27th NOVEMBER 1992

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