May 09, 2011


heyaa bloggie.. !!
Guess where am I rite now..?? kekekeke I'm at my HOMIE doue !! XDDDD
it's been almost a week since I left Uitm... lmao :3 well.. it's semester break.. duuhhh... -_-
I will back to Uitm this 3rd of June.. aaaaa.. I don't wanna go BACK thereeeee...!!! DX<
But I miss him fo sho' rite now... eventhou he's sooooo PABO ! XD IDK but.. I really miss him.... HOPE I don't fall-in-LOVE with him more and know what, It's weird when he wanna be with me but he's already taken... and he knew that I know he's oredy taken.. and I always ask about her FUTURE FYONCE.
Haha.. it might sounds crazy but, fells like I'ma doll for him... well yeah, he DON'T WANNA SHOW our relationship with others..DUUUH> wthefishhh.. >++D
I shud don't mind about it again... just ENJOY the GAME.. the LOVE GAME.. kekekeke

ouh btw... I wanna meet my OPPA.... Ojai Oppa.. lolz...He said he wanna meet me when I back to Sdkn.. and he'll back to here also...lolz... I've been waiting the moment for ages.. grrrr.. well PASSIONATE is the key.. So I will look fwd for it nhe.. :3
Well, rite now, I feels like my KOREAN LESSON was SUCK ! Mianhae... just bcuz I haven't  learnt it PROPERLY due to busy with assignment and blablablaaaaa... and HELL YEAH... I miss my FAIL FAMILY/FRIEND at sooooo soooooo soooo bad... >.< wish I can pay my visit there... HOPE SO... HOPEEEE.. SOOOOOO

Yaaaa !! SUPER JUNIOR WILL MAKE THEIR COMEBACK THIS JUNE...wohooo.. !! can't wait for it... I wonder what is their CONCEPT........... :3
I will look forward for it LIAO ~ XD

ouhkay.. gtg.. will post more here often soon... *hope so* :D
chalgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... ~ XD

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