April 21, 2011


Dear Bloggie,
    It's been a while since I didn't pay a visit here aite..? I knoe u missed me so bad lolz.. IMYT !! :3
and you knoe what, I've been busy for AGES ._. and yeah now it's my FINAL EXAM.. DAMN ! >.<
I'm soooo nervous bb.. IDK how to react and IDK how to answer this morning....I bet I shud sleep naw cuz my PAPER will be held in 9 am durghhh ! >.<
Well, as 4 ur in4mation, next week (2nd May) I will back to my HOME SWEET HOMIE . . . !! XD
it's been 3 month since I left there for studies at UiTM Samarahan. IMY my FAMILY + FRIENDS esp my COMOT NYAOOONG ~ :3 . . . I will be on semester HOLIDAY for a month only and after that I continue my study as part 2 student hoh ! The times flies goes by so RAPID and I didn't realize that my FRESHIE life will ended soon wohoo ! \^.^/ But... I may CURIOUS about 'OUR' relationship...it's been ALMOST 3 month since we're together nananannanaa... but he DON'T WANNA our relationship to be REVEALED bitch ! >.< But sometimes i don't mind about it cuz I've never fallen for him 100% ngahaaaa.. well I'ma Playah btw.. WHOOOOOPS jk ! :D and HELL YEAH I mind about it sometimes too.. cuz it fells like this relationship was a FAKE + FUCK relationship hoh GOT it..?? FAKE AND FUCK ones... grrrr !! >.<
Urgh.. NVRMD... will look fwd for the next step I guess.... janjanjanjaaaaaaaaaaaaan ! :3
Uh-oh !! I almost forgot to tell ya about my LUVLEY BROTHA !! OJAIIIII !! :3.. I found him AGAIN !! It's been 5 YEARS we were LOST in CONTACTS... and YEAH... I still not lost my track and I search him everywhere esp at FACEBOOK.. and HELLAH ! JACK POT bb !! JAAAACK POOOOOT ! :3
Can't wait to meet him and his FAMILy... so then my FAMILY also... I wanna introduced him w my family as my BRO....lol... but I LIKED him ALOT !! but nevermind... as USUAL ; LOOK FORWARD FOR IT ! :3

ouh kayy.. enuff bubbling ! :3
so.. I guess I GTG... well WISH ME LUCK for my FINAL EXAM nheee.. ~
chalgaaaaa.... Saranghaeeeee ~ <3

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