September 20, 2010

Sedih Sad

I am really DAMN SAD rite now,
I've discussed with my parents about quiting in form 6...
yeah, I really wanna quit it... just b'cuz I've got POLY's offer .
They told to continuing the form 6 until this November..
FUCK !! I really don't wanna continued there again...
I didn't do any homeworks and assignments that the lecturer ask for,
I've promised to myself NOT TO continuing form6 started the 1st week after Aidilfitri !
and rite now ..?? SHIT ! they didn't allow me...ouhkay I'm really mad rite now.. DX<
I'm crying like crazy.. GAWD ! Cry me a RIVER !! X'( my heart really broken into pieces..
feels like I wanna done something like I used to be ..BAD ASS GIRL  *sigh*

This thingy really one kind of embarrassment sucks problemo.
I just can't control myself to be a loyal daughter and girls... urgh !
it's really drives me crazy !!FUCK ! FUCK !! FUCK !!
I don't care if people had BADMOUTH about my attitudes ~ and what the hell am I wrote on my blogs..
hah ! my blog is my diary, is my savior... so what the point..?? get the HELL out of here.. !!