June 12, 2010

Cheer Up Oppa .. ^^

everyday and everynight I always thinking of you..
I'm worried to death about you this lately.. SungMin oppa.. what happened to u nowadays..?
I don't wanna think deeply about this but, My MIND force me to think of your problemo...
Oppa.. I wish I can "ask" you  what's wrong with you.. even I'm an "EMO" .. it doesn't mean I'm always be "EMO" in 24/7 ... oppa.. pls cheer up..
you're the first man that I'm always worried to death.. b'cuz Imma your bias.. I like . love . support U and the rest of Sj members..
Oppa.. I really wish you can read this.. even I'm not good in confessions, I really want to tell ya.. that ELF will always LOVE ya.. support ya.. and even all rest SJ family...^^
Please be HAPPY oppa.. If it's true taht You have a fight with Kyu Oppa of somethin'... pls, solve it asap... ^^ or are you wanna US to give a hand..?? LOL

ouhkay then.. I think that's all for this.. 
atlast but not least... 오빠. . . . 사랑해 영원토록 ... <3

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