April 05, 2010

Dongsaeng I miss you !!

Last night..I lay myself on the bed. Feels that I'm so soo tired..! One day I fit up myself ..I can't sleep...but I have too.
Few minutes later, I take my Cameo, watching some memorial photo.. I smiled and my "tired-feeling" had disappear. While I watch the photo, suddenly I felt that someone had lean on my right shoulder..
**before that, I was alone in my room..*
Then, I'm soo shocked just b'cuz DONGHO(U-kiss member) is the one who lean on my shoulder.
I can't move, just smilling at him.*I love you..my dongsaeng.
Thus, Dongho and me enjoying watching those video and photo...but few minutes later, suddenly I hug Dongho. Then, he didn't respond anything with it.. I wrap my arm on his body.. Dongho then laughed..and REPLYING my hugs. We then, sleeping with tired feeling. *We didn't do anything okaay!*

I woke up and shocked ! suprisingly that Dongho slept beside me...his cute adorable face makes me wanna bite him! I kissed on his cheek...he SMILED but still sleep..haha!!
Suddenly, my door was knocked..I opened it. It was ELI(U-kiss member), I don't get it why U-KISS memebr are in my house today..??!
ELI then, laughed and me ! DX !! * what's wrong bb..??* I said.. *Haha , nothing you're so beauty honey !!, he then replied and I'm shocked..my heart melts but I said *What did you say..??*..he then with afraid voice replied *Uh-oh nothing, I said where's Donggie..??*(Dongho's nickname)  then I pout my mouth showing where Dongho is...
I turn myself into the rest room, wash my self up. And I'm DONE !
Then, I went to the kicthen to breakfast, I smelled very2x sweet flavour..it's seem like pancakes..*YUMMY!*

"Haishh, BB why are you so late..?? your sweet pancakes almost frozen here..and where's Dongiee..??"..a very handsome guy talk me like that, and I was..ohh...don't what to say suddenly Dongiee hugs me from the back..and said.."Noona, I miss you heee.." haha ! "Let's get some breakfast together yeah..?" I replied. **That handsome guy is ALEX(U-kiss member)

Today, I'm on holiday.. I don't have to go work at SM today huh ! So today, I'll spend myself with them..(U-KISS). Right now, I'm watching TV with them, I'm at the left while Dongho besides me..and lastly is KIBUM (that position is like this : Me, Dongho, Eli, Alex, Kevin, SooHyun and Kibum). Their songs was aired on TV,  we suddenly dancing and singing together with their new Hits songs; Round and Round. "Biengul, Biengul, Biengul, Biengul...." . I'm so happy today. I can see Dongie's CUTE smiled, wink at me..and trying to get me.."Aigoo..Dongie-ah..haha why are you like to cuddle with me huh..??"I said .."IDK, b'cuz I like you noona, I like you....!!" he replied. "DONGIE-ahhh....!!! all "vampires" shouting at him..then we laughed each other while He cuddling me. *wheeee!! XD
**They are in my homiee...!

It's 7:00 PM right now, and I'm at XXIA. They'll back to SEOUL today. So bad tome, I wouldn't ever meet'em again. Feels like I'm gonna cry.Suddenly my shoulder had been poked, I looked my back, and it was them (U-Kiss). Hah..! I can't control myself from crying like hell.. Then I grab Dongho and he's crying too..
"Noona, uljimaa.....!! I will miss you too noona..I will ...I will...kyaaa.....miss you too..LOVE you noona.."..then IDK what to say at that time. I'm crying and hugging DongHo so hard. Feels like I don't what to lose him again. Then , Alex encourage me said " Bb, uljima..we love you too and we really don't want to lose you too but this is the faith we must face for. We're all and IDOL STAR, meanwhile you.... are our STAR ..very2x BELOVED STAR !! we love you so much! we promise not to forget you..!! " then I replied happily with tears " Thanks for that oppa, I hope you don't mess out with all your promise..I will always put U-KISS in my heart FOREVER..I said FOREVER !!!!!! and DONGIE  BB, I LOVE you my dongsaeng..for real..!! ".
7:30 PM, the announcer had told that FLIGHT TO SEOUL will be in 30 minutes, so then U-KISS have to go in. Before that, we took our memorial picture together. Then Dongie give me PINKBOX..pretty PINKBOX.." This is for you noona, pls keep this and never ever broke this thing up..even small, it is meaningful to me..representing my LOVE for you..actually my HEART is just for you noona..but HEART is bigger than this box..pls keep it. And don't forget to send my regrets to Ming Hyung okayy..?" I kissed his cheek..then suddenly he kissed my lips..??
oh my..my dongsaeng really loves me...I'm not sure if Ming knows this but I'd never refuse Dongie's kiss..
Then, I give them a bear hug too ALEX, KIBUM, SOOHYUN, KEVIN, and ELI. They replying it.. I was happy...Then, I waves at them ..and they replied too....then, they dissappear from the departure hall...with Dongie's last flying kiss to me..*I replied it XD

Back to my homie...feels like it was soooo...EMPTYMISM. I really miss them so bad..!
I hope I got stand a change to meet them together back..miss'em !!!! U-KISS muax !!

**It was my really2x best DREAM ever..
Hoping that someday I will have a change like this..
But, too bad, it could never ever happen.!!
And, someday I will made my own fanfic for them and SJ too !!


aina amalia:) said...

rofl! bes gyle ur dream XD
n yahhhh! y did u put so many hyuk pic? shuh2.!

eMoLyNa_92 said...

Haha..! mimpe jer towh.. XD.Haiyh mehh..?? byk eh..?? haha tue pict random mmgla camtuh..kah3x..!!