November 05, 2010


"Stupid-man" - who dumped me D:<
"Him"- My Hardcore CRUSH *lmao*

The day I BROKE UP with the stupid-man. I text him said "I am sad, please reply me.Thank you. Bye".
A few hour later, he called me. I answer it as soon as my phone ring. He ask me "Why? what's wrong with you? why are you sad? can't you explain me?". He's so kind-hearted at that moment. I don't know why I HAVE to tell him as the 1st person to know. I was so HAPPY when he still care for me.In my answer, I'm smiling yet crying a river.Telling him for A to Z of my love-broke story to him. He's a man too why HE's the one who get to know it first and not my bestie? At that moment, I'm clueless b'cuz he's my CRUSH ! ever since I'm 16 years old. I shouldn't tell him about my problems cuz he's not my bestie. But I don't know. I'm clueless. In that case, he knew everything. Duh ! What a shame -_- . Night after that, he ask me to spend my night play YM! with him. And yeah, I'd spend my night "with" him.And that night was different,he's really kind to me not like he used to be.Ahhh.. it's hard to describe but that night really made my day.He tells me a thousand of funny story.I think he's trying to make me happy? If he does, I would like thank him. :)

I wonder if he has the feeling?  I mean, is he still have a feeling to me? Well, I knew he likes me too. But, we never mean together.I don't know why and it's weird right? We've the same feeling for *almost* 2 years now.When would we be together? Sometimes I'm getting pissed off cuz awaiting for him.Duuh.It's oke. I trust  ALLAH and I trust HIS faith. SO I'M LOOKING FORWARD FOR IT ! :D *lmao*

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