March 06, 2011

My WORD for HIM ~

Don't worry, he'll miss you. He screwed up , you did absolutely nothing wrong. He failed. He's not smart enough. If he was smart, he would have realized what he was saying goodbye to. But he didn't , now he's gone. Don't call him telling him you miss him. Don't even call him just to hear his voice and hang up. Don't do it. You don't miss him, you miss what you used to be. Right now you're waiting for someone to prove to you, that you don't need him. I promise that person is right around the corner, but you have to let go of him ; his bullshit first. He'll be back one day, it will be him calling you saying he misses you every night. He'll have his friends ask you if you still care about him. It will be your turn to just say, fuck you. You had me and you messed it all up. For now, find every reason to be happy without him, Don't message him, don't comment him, don't talk to him in the hallways. Just smile at him, and remind him that he let go of a perfect girl.

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