August 23, 2010

I hate it !

y.. y..?? y my life had supposed to be like this.. Am gone crazy b'cuz of this..
I wanna get rid off it.. but then it keeps comin' closer to the edge ! damn it !!
yepp.. as a teenager , it's normal to have the love one esp BF ahah ! wtf ?! yepp. BOYFRIEND indeed..
this is so LAME.. this so LAME !!! it's been a years since I didn't have one.. haha
but nowadays, I've my own crushes, and he DUMPED me..?? KIMAK btul !! T.T
how does he dumped me..? yeah.. he's often beside me, always talk to me.. gimme p'sent or whatsoever..
makes me had more feelin' about him..GODDAMNIT !!I don't wanna backs my blame... it's my own fault...
people may said taht. I've an affair with someone.. HOLY FUCK !! its really mend my heart... YAaa !! I'm not taken right now you DARN !

FYI, he's always be there whenever I wanna get rid of him..SHIT.. he's everywhere and I'm freaked out !!

A few weeks ago, there's a man.. who's knock my heart,.. *lmao*
He's always talked to me.. always.. walk besides me, and often pay a visit to my homiee..
he's the kindly one... badly, IDK.. he's taken.. T.T

is there new p'son..??TT,TTI'm so frustated right now.... why I have to loved a p'son who'd taken..??
I'm goin' crazy !!!!! O Allah, pls gimme a BIG STRENGTH to get TROUGH this.. I'm beegin' u... AMiiiiin ya rabbil alamiiiin ~

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