August 24, 2010

Pathetic !

It's hard to predict own feelin.. . . sigh.. this is weird.. I am weird.. but how do I care.. pfft ! sometime I got freak out myself.. not being moody, but remained SILENCE makes me went MAD . . feelin' depressed.. and blame myself as being like that.. what the..? hey.. what's wrong with me actually..? See.. I can't predict on my own.. wish someday I can find the solution.. this is so LAME ! =____=

I wanna hell it out.. but I can't.. feels like my "emo" mode intrude my day once again...
NO ! it's everyday's EMO-ing.. sigh..
I laugh, I'm happy, I'm Sad, I'm Mad ~ what the heck ??! really can't understand about this..
wanna. cry but I can't...
mybe I shud find someone to be my cryin' shoulder.. pls... I think I need one ~ TT.TT

sometimes, I felt shame by myself.. b'cuz revealin' my BIGGEST secreto with my bff..
suchas, tellin' about my crushes... GAWD..
everytime I talk about my crushes, the next day, he'll dumped me..~
and.. IDK what would I've to explained with my BFF about that.. felt embarassed..
felt frustated, felt STUPID and Imperfects !! T.T
and again.. why would he play with fire about me..?
didn't he know, how much I like him . since.... 2 years ago..
DAMMIT ! he dumped me .. again.. and again...
but it's weird if I say, he kept torturing me, always talk to me in public.. but never feel sorry 
about what he done to me.. ever since I fall with him...
ouhkay, I'm MAD.. yepp.. I'm crazy bout love.. even though, My life are so YOUNG ~
I'm still in the youth categories you fool ~
nowadays, teenagers are too much advanced in LOVE... 'rill their parents never knew how 
beautiful LOVE in this new era.. ~

nhe..?? am I bubbling again..?
pfft, how do I care.. this is my blog, this is my property..
I don't care what the hell that I'm bubbling about..
as far as I can type what I can and how am I depressed, stressed ~ and whatsoever~

oihkay.. shud go rite now...
I shud'nt have to think this problems go far...
otherwise.. I'll go crazy.. more and more and more and... sigh.. enough already ~!

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