January 22, 2011


Today, Me and my fellow friends from part 1 have to introduce ourselves with the seniors from part2 to part6. Well, I’m the freakin 1st  one to introduce about ourselves.. SIGH.. kinda nervous but I think I’m okay with it.. J SO, I remembered when I’m mumbling like crazy..such a lmao. -_- And I realized that, some of them FREAKIN’ PISSED off by ME ! -_- I don’t get it… I realized that I’m not THAT perfect.. and I’m not that POOR ONE.. -_- Sometimes, I’m NOT happy with myself.. bcuz I think I’m kinda SELFISH, SHOW OFF and whatsoever ! I’m feeling bad about myself..Feels like I wanna cry RITE NOW..but Don’t wanna PEOPLE  knew about this situation.. hah ! this is sooooo damn pathetic… T.T Feels like I wanna find someone to comfort with.. I REALISED that I’m still at my OWN BOX of life..ASHAMED to myself ..BLAMING myself as being LIKE THIS !!! I WANNA FIND SOMEONE to COMFORT WITH… !!! D’:< OBVIOUSLY, I don’t TRUST my fellow friends here… I’m Sorry CHINGUYA.. butI trust my FABULOUS STARS members more.. BUT WHAT CAN I DO RITE NOW, ???? GUESS, I should SURVIVE here.. ‘till the LAST SEMESTER here…it is ;the 5th SEMESTER > 2 years from NOW… O ALLAH !!!  I’m so THANKFUL bcuz YOU gave me this kind of BARRIER of LIFE.. I’m so APPRECIATE it.. :’) No matter else WHAT, I’ll try my BEST SHOT to survive in this TEMPORARY world.. T.T ..eventhough this LIFE is soooooo TEMPTING… ~  EMO HWAITIIING ! ;’)

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