February 07, 2011

SOwt !

Naaaa.. Sowt suda aque..heee !! Bilank azam xmo jd bdak Jahat...Tapi apa mw jd SKG..?? 나쁜 여자 . >.< Thanks to the PABO NAMJA.. !!! actually me xbpa wha ska ngan dea. CUZ ME SKA NGAN org lain.. YAKNI org yg SAME interest ngan ME.. T.T and me already FOUND HIM. but he NEVER notice who am I. I mean.. I'm the one who ADMIRED him... He DANCE in front of me.. like YANG YOSEOB.. OMFGGG !! XD he really drives me CRAZY.. I really LOVE this NAMJA maaaaaan ~ you KNOW what.... I remember the day when I was SANG "BEAUTIFUL-Beast" at my classes... and ALL OF SUDDEN.. he CONTINUE the LYRICS.. and I was like OMFGGGGG !!!! NEVER meet a FANBOY esp in front of my EYE.. ahahaha lmaooo.. well, he's KINDA LEE SEUNGGI's look-a-like so NO WONDER if I WAS FALLEN for him kekekekeek. IN a nutshell.. I guess I shud call him NAUI NAMJA means "My Man" ahaaa.. drop dead me.. if the PABO NAMJA finds out that I stabbed his back.. lolz.. I'm just JOOOKING ! XD actually... I LOVE that PABO NAMJA.. but it's only certain time.. I mean sometimes... when He talked to me.. text me.. call me.. MEET me...and HAVE a DATE with me along with FUCKING ROMANCE  geez !! I'm JOKING again.. kekeke.. I'd never have GUTS to have a SEX or ROMANCE before MARRIED mkay.... I just wanna KISS... ahahahaha.. ouhkay BUBBLING like bitch one again. heeeee...lmao.. DUHH !! -__-

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