November 15, 2011

Lee Sungmin Q version :)

Aah.. I just wanna improve my skills in illustration-ing  and photoshop-ing nowadays. Hahah lmaooo.. but I had a hard time on this .. aaah still newbie btw... :)

This is my 1st trial ..I mean the 1st version.. it's kinda fail huhuh ! >.<;

And this is the 2nd version.. I changed it a bit heh.. but still fail I guess.. TT_TT

Okee Done !
Currently, I'm makin' my own Q version rite now...
Wonder what will happen.. hah ! -_-

p/s : "bLinQ brOkenaLonE92" and "Soul_pumpkin92" it's my trademark ..? lol.. hahah you can call me NEMO anyway ^^

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