June 16, 2011

The EYES can't LIE?

Dear Bloggie,
   It's true that the EYES can't lie when it seen.. Just like mine, I saw everything that I'll ever expect before. Well, hella ! I saw him with a BITCHES this morning. I don't know how to react at that time.HOW STUPID I AM! ._. you KNOE WHAT..? I acted like there's nothing FUCKING LOOKS that I've seen for today. But yeah... My heart can TELL ME that I'm setting up mylife in FIRE. I hate today cuz, I'm not feeling very well today, I've got BLOODY COUGH, glad I've meet the doctor. After that, I back to my hostel, and act like crazy bitch , THANKS TO THAT FUCKING STUPID MAN. He's soooooooooooooo RETARD ! Wish I have my strength to KILL HIM NOW ! I hate to see HIM, I hate to reply his messages, I hate to answer his CALL and even hate when people MENTIONED his name on me. SUCH A CRAZY BUTCH ! >.< I'd never felt sorry for him.. I just need an EXPLANATION but not like this kind. FML.
I wanna kick his ASS so bad..  I really wanna kill him to DEATH !! urgh..why I have to suffer like this. I can't stand how he treat me like a piece of shit. STUPID FUCKING RETARD MAN !! I hope someday you'll find a BITCH that can screw you DOWN like a killed BOARS ! I hateeeeeeeeeeeee him !! Urgh !! But I'll NEVER craving for APOLOGIZE. huhuuu...Just wait and see who's THE BOSS !!?! >:D

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