June 15, 2011

pissed off.

I don't what to say but,my heart can't take it anymore. !! feels like I'm gonna blow.. >.<
well yeah, I wanna broke up with HIM.. BROKE UP. It's soooo freakin word to say but, I have to face the fact that I have to BROKE up with him or else,I will be DUMPED by him like BITCH ! I knew him 'well'... I knew that he has another BITCH to take fucking care off, but ME..? how bout me..? I bet he should split me off, cuz I can't stand it anymor, eventhou it's almost a year of our relationship.. I felt ashamed of myself, ashamed with my Bestie and family... this is so fucking SUCKS !!  how can I get rid of him when his Image often appear in my MIND and my SIGHT. urgh.. wish I can 'die'... so then I don't have to 'see' him anymore.

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