June 27, 2011


Hella Diariiii...
You knoe what... I have my BAD HAIR day these days... But then suddenly I saw A LIGHT OF HOPE *lmao* came into my EYES. . .
WELL, I "MET" my CRUSHESSSSS eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! OMO???? did I say CRUSHES...?? HELLLLL YEAAAAAHH !! I have a new crushes now tehee ~ :D I like  "HIM" since last sem.. kyahah ~
Badly, we BARELY can meet in coincidence ~ ._. and HELLA.. WE'D NEVER GREET EACH OTHER nor even SMILLING ~ duuuh..It's just I dunno how to REACT when I saw him even 1 miles away... hahahahhaha *lmao*
Ouhkay back to topic, Today after classes.. I've conversation between my BESTIE and I about my *IDKifIshudcallhimmyBOYFIEanymoar*. . . and HELLLA I really hate him naaaah... feels like I wanna cut him into pieces.,.. wow... kekekeke . Ok then,I was about wanna continue my stories but then SUDDENLY I SAW HIM and his fellow classmates I guess they've done their LUNCH at CAFETERIA. HELLA, IDK how to react and I'm SHIVERING like I was in the NORTH POLE ATM ~ :3
I dun have the guts to see him , and even smilling at him when he walks past me.... nyan ~ :3
But MY BESTIE DOES !! SHE STARED AT HIS EYES AND REPLIED HIS SMILEEEE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm fuckin' jealous teheeee.. huuuu 5555555555
Hope someday I can MEET HIM AGAIN and I wish I CAN TALK TO HIM EVEN SMILLING OR SAYING HYEEEEEEEEE ~ >:D So, I guess I shud be 'emo' all day so then he 'came' onto my life whenever I'm FUXIN pissed off or whatever thing that makes me DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWWWWN ~

Ouh BTW, I'm in the ANGRY BIRDS Fever rite now..and they said my FACE is FUXIN ANGRY BIRD LOOK-A-LIKE.. aaarrrrnnng ! >:D

So this is ME with my NEW PETS ANGRY BIRDS *aaaaaarrrnnng!! >:D*

Hoho... and yeah dun forget my LOVELY NEMO...*IbethewillgetenyifIdidn'tmentionabouthim* lmao ~

And this is MY CRUSHES twins wannabe ~ *actuallymycrushesisCHANSUNG2PMlookalike* ~ :3

So.. that's all for today....hehhehe hope I can forget that STUPID boy who wanna dumped me... and I can be with this CHANSUNG 'twins' teheeee... BTW, I will post his photo if I HAVE ONE... SOMEDAY..HOPE SO nyaaaan ~ :3

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